Friday, January 30, 2009

..for now..

i dont like the feeling i have right now
its so sensitive
watching a not-so-sad scene easily pour my tears out
listening to a sad song easily makes me cry
even when my mom or my family raise up their voice a bit,
i will feel sad and cry
i know they have no intention to yell at me
but i couldnt stop the tears from pouring out
i juz dont understand why

the negative thought keep bugging me
i know its not a good thought but still i think about it
i know its irrational sometimes
but the thing is,
i juz couldnt stop thinking the negative thing
i juz dont understand why

i dont like this post
it sound emo
but i need to let this out

Monday, January 26, 2009

..after a long time..

its not that i dont have the time to update the blog
it just i am busy spending time with my love ones
and internet is just not as fancy as before i mean
when i am not at home with my sayangs :D

ouh summer
i love my summer
spending time with my love ones never been boring
eventough sometimes my brothers and my nephew annoy me
and i cannot stand when my mother nagging
but that is what makes my summer interesting..haha
and of course being near to him makes me a lot happier :D

and i am doing my practical at hospital kuala lumpur now
its an interesting work experience
i really enjoy the work
spending time with enthusiastic pharmacist and playing around with drugs
makes me become more excited to become a pharmacist one day

thats it for now
till then

i feel grateful for i've been given another chance to spend time with my love ones
thank you Allah for this chance and for the love ones i have
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