Sunday, July 5, 2009

..its holidays, baby..

so winter holidays is here.
exam is finished.
its hard i tell you.
MCBT is hard, thats the only paper i hope to score at first.
but the questions are tough. i lost my hope on that.
Pharmacology is ok. at least i think so.
Applied Pharmacotherapeutics is ok too. i hope.
Pharmaceutics is way scarier than AP.
but, its all in the past.
for now i just can hope and berdoa and bertawakal.
for Allah to help me get the good result. or pass?
i have done and try my best.

and now, the holidays is started.
its time to partay, baby. :D
im looking forward for new zealand trip.

Ya Allah selamatkanlah perjalanan kami. Jauhkanlah kami dari segala malapetaka dan bahaya. Jauhkan kami dari jangkitan swine flu.

having picnic with my dearest friends today to celebrate Lynn's birthday.

the birthday girl (in white)

we having a nice time eating and laughing and chatting.
new terms for today: 'potong kucing' and 'hit the pictures'. haha.
thanks friends! im having a nice time again with u guys after spending a long time with those boring notes. hehe. afterall holiday is time for partay kan rakan-rakan?

p/s: ade sesi "potong kucing" tadi, tapi gambar-gambar masih kat ibtisam. later ill upload the pictures.

the photographer of the day

p/p/s: esok sesi kill the time sambil melayan laskar pelangi!

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