Sunday, July 24, 2011

I think I am losing it all.

I miss you like so much.
You are one of the most precious thing that happen in my life.
I am lucky and grateful that our path crossed even for a while.
But it does not mean I will forget about you because I promise you that you will always stay close to my heart.
The memories that we had together are the beautiful memories that I wont forget.
One of the best I would say.

I wish you good luck in whatever you do and may He grant every wish that you wishing for.

will always love you.
After so long...

Work has taken almost all of my time until i dont really have any time for anything else even myself. Someone said, that is life. Well, life is good. Never better i would say. Almost everything happen like what i plan except for one thing. Well maybe that one need to wait. There must be some reasons why Allah still do not grant that wish because after all He knows what is best for me right. Its ok, i think i just need to wait and be more patient. Other than that, my life has been great. I have been blessed having a great family and surrounded by people that love and care so much about me. Mak has become my bestfriend ever that i could talk almost about everything to her even though sometime its quite awkward talking about boyfriend to her. My makcik have been a great gossiping partner. My brother have been a great fighting partner. My nieces and nephews never fail to put a smile in my face everytime i see them. Even a call from them makes me happy and smile all day long. Taufiq has been great as he ever did. He always knows me better.

What more could i ask for. Each time life become harder than the usual, they will always there for me and they will never walk away from me. And, that is enough to make me stand still and face the life again.

I have been blessed for having each and everyone of them in my life. Thank you Allah for all them. Could not be more grateful than this. Alhamdulillah.

Ahlan wasahlan ya Ramadhan. Semoga kedatanganmu kali ini menambahkan lagi secebis bekalan untuk di sana nanti.
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