Friday, August 28, 2009


two weeks off?
numb-ing myself.
mampukah aku?
feeling is just too complicated,
that i yet to understand.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


..i just feel left out. which is unreasonable. i have such good and nice friends with me here in adelaide who always there for me, a lovely family who never fail to pray for me and always love me despite of distances, a sunshine who never fail to keep my day shining eventough there are miles between us. I am blessed for having these much loves and yet the feeling is just too complicated and unstable, sensitive is my new friend. shooh..shooh i dun need u.

Tidak bersyukurkah aku ya Allah?
Ya Allah kurniakan ketenangan dalam hati ini. hanya Kau yang mampu.
Ahlan Wa Sahlan ya Ramadhan.
Kepada semua kenalan,
Saya mohon maaf atas setiap kesalahan saya pada kalian. Mohon di maafkan.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


we are 51 months older and im glad and happy. thus, the title. lets keep counting until we lost the number. ok? :D

got my dose this morning and i high as usual. :D


mood itu datang lagi.
mood when im questioning myself again n again why i am taking pharmacy.
stress la gini.
i need someone to talk with.
that particular someone,
who i can talk everything about.
but, again distances are just cruel
that he keeps my particular someone away from me.
i need my dose.
im persuading myself to understand the situation,
but my heart keep refusing to understand
and it hurts me.
it feels like my hope has been crushed into pieces.

in need of my drug. my own brand type of heroin.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

..winter break update..

not gonna talk much. lets the pictures do the talking.

6th july 2006
journey to new zealand began. thanks to faezah and housemates also tengku chep for letting me and my friends staying in your house and for being good host and for helping us a lot.

7th july 2009
Lake Tekapo and ice-skating on open rink
ice-skating on open rink

Lake Tekapo

8th july 2009
Puzzling world, Great maze and Room of Illusion

Ilusi semata-mata
9th july 2009
Queenstown, Bungy and Shotover

10th july 2009
Deer Park Heights and Gondola + Luge

Deer Park heights yg foggy
Chair Lift
11th july 2009

12th july 2009
Dunedin, University of Otago, The Steepest Street and Lake Wanaka

University of Otago
The Steepest Street Lake Wanaka, macam-macam gaya ade

13th july 2009
Hanmer Spring

14th july 2009
City of Christchurch, Cathedral Square

Dari Adelaide ke Christchurch :D

15th july 2009
Auckland, thank to chikorn and teha for layaning us and letting us staying at their houses

16th july 2009
Hamilton, thanks to zana and housemates for letting us staying at their house

17th july 2009
Lake Taupo, Honey Hive and Huka Falls

Huka Falls
Lake Taupo
18th july 2009
Kiwi 360, Mount Maunganui, Tauranga, Hobbiton at Matamata and thanks to kak ayu for the dinner that night. the sambal belacan was superb and the house was homey.

Kak Ayu's house yg homey, siap ade api as heater.
I conquered the so-called Mount Maunganui in 3o minutes.

19th july 2009
Swooping at Rotorua, Candy Land and ice-creaming at Tirau. The manuka honey ice-cream was awesome.
Candy Land yg riang.
Swooping yg sangat best.

20th july 2009
visiting nenek ayong (khatijah's grandmom), skytower and jalan-jalan at Auckland city also watching the latest Harry Potter at IMAX.

Kaki saye shivering atas kaca itu.
Us with nenek ayong. so many funny stories happen in 2 hours here. hehe.

21st july 2009
back to downunder. meeting nadee n adil n ismah.
adil, ur cooking was great cume over pedas.
nadee, everytime i meet u i feel like a child again. thank you for layaning me.
i love both of u to the bits :D

22nd july 2009
Road Show Palestine
Macam Pegawai JPA pun ade dah. hehe.
Saye dan Ibtisam. Kami pegang a cute little bendera Palestin.

25th july 2009
Hockey match, Malaysia vs Kookaburas (Australia). but sadly, Malaysia didnt wint the game (1-8). But it was a good game from aussie. hehe.
penyokong yg setia baek kalah atau menang.


i have a very good winter holidays with my friends. A long vacation that i've experienced so far. Also a lot of money burn. hehe. need so much money to have fun nowadays, aite? macam-macam saya belajar. Subhanallah, indahnya alam ciptaan Tuhan. Now, new semester has started and the routine as a student begin. Lets hope this semester will be better than last semester. With that, im officially finishing my holidays.

p/s: tahun depan nak ke mana pula kawan-kawan? hehe.

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