Monday, April 27, 2009

..autumn break update..

these were the activities done during the autumn break.
i love my autumn break.

Autumn gathering 2009
11-13 April 2009
Longwood Camp, Adelaide Hill

Autumn Gathering yang paling seronok!
walaupun saye cume buat aktiviti masak-masak kat dapur :D

MISSA Sports Day (Futsal)
16 April 2009
Magill Sport Centre, University of South Australia
Kami kalah. Tapi takpe kami kumpul banyak duit, bak kata Nabilah. hehe

Aktiviti berjalan-jalan bersama Aisya Kamal (Kawan Shafnah dari melbourne)
18 April 2009
Port Adelaide dan Giant Playground, St. Kilda

Nak naek cruise tgk dolphin kat Port Adelaide, tapi hari tu takde cruise. Kesian Aisya, next time datang Adelaide kite naek cruise tu eh
Kat Giant Playground semua orang macam budak-budak, maen buaian, jongkang-jongket, gelungsur, etc. Sampaikan ade yg jatuh tersungkur dan tercabut kasut. Hehe

Road trip
22 - 24 April 2009

ini ahli road trip kami
(dora, lin, nab, zue, yas, siti, mary, ami, sal, ib, jasm, paim)

ini pulak sugar daddy saye. mereka jeles. hehe

yang kat belakang tu blowhole

hindustan mode. ade ke berenti kat tepi pergunungan pastu pasang lagu hindustan kuat-kuat and menari. cliche kan? menari hindustan kat pergunungan. hehe

ini ahli machan (name kereta kami). Nabilah memang suke buat aksi-aksi pelik bile amik gambar. abaikan je.

gold panning! kat Sovereign Hill, Ballarat. Seronok tempat ni. Tapi tak dapat gold pun, dapat batu je. hehe. Nampak tak tgn kat tepi tu. Die macam mandur je kan?btw, itu tangan jasm

ni ahli kugem (name kereta diorang). Kugem is kurus + gemuk. Taktaula sape yg kurus n sape yg gemuk. hehe

aktiviti makan tengah hari kat parking lot. Terima kaseh kepada chef kami pada hari itu.


ini pulak last shot before heading back to adelaide. Penat jasm panggil abg kat pump station tu mintak tolong amik kan gambar.


i dun want it to end. tapi dah berakhir pun. perlu pulang kepada rutin asal. kawan-kawan, mari buat road trip lagi. sangat serunuk! ouh, btw, saye rase patut namekan trip kali ni sebagai a'aah trip. banyak sangat a'aah kan?hehe. tak sabar nak tunggu next holiday. kite nak ke mane pule nanti kawan-kawan?

thanks to all friends that make my holiday so enjoyable!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009






Sunday, April 5, 2009

..of conversation..

having a long and deep conversation with someone dearest to my heart
to make things more clear
to set line between what should and what should not
to set pathway that should be followed
to make sure the dream is achieved
we plan the future, but still the future is not ours to predict
we found a way and we will struggle hard to follow the way
but still we let HIM decide what is good for both of us

Friday, April 3, 2009


kurang ajar
i hate feeling vulnerable

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

..can someone remind me again why i choose to be a pharmacist..

..i always ask this question to raudhah, and she always layan me*i bet shes getting bored by my question, but hey, shes a really good friend as she always layan my karenah..hehe..thanks raudhah for that* back to the title, i always ask her this question in Applied Pharmacotherapeutics class because Adam Phillips*though he is really handsome and charming also* always make me asking this question to myself. Being in his class makes me realized I have a big responsibilities by being a pharmacist. I have to make a big decision for other people and I cant afford to make a wrong decision because these people rely on me about their medicines*there are so many adverse effect for each medicines you take* I am responsible to each medicines I give to the patient. Once I make a mistake the consequences might be fatal. We are talking about someone's life here and I really have to make a good decision for him or her as if I know him or her very well la kan. haih! There is no chance for me to make a tiny bit mistake once I am a pharmacist. Plus, nowadays there a many types of drug for the same type of disease. Dont get me wrong, it is good thing that patient have many choices for themselves because each person is different and unique. Im not only talking about their characteristics, but how our body work also different from each other this is include how our body react to each drugs is also different for each and every person. Hence, as a pharmacist, I have to really have a good knowledge about these things in order to decide which drug is best for each patient. The hardest part is, I have to make a really good decision about which among the thousands of drugs for each particular disease will be very beneficial for the patient. And again I said, I cant afford to make a mistake because the consequences might be fatal. I also have to take into account their lifestyles, age, gender, race, religion and bla, bla, bla before i make a decision. And I am expected to know all these in a very short time*say half an hour the most* adoi! laen la if the patient is my family members or someone close to me kan, It might be easier kot. Imagine a stranger whose you only know for 5 minutes and then, you are expected to know everything about the stranger and make a really good decision for him or her and..and if anything happen to the stranger, she or he will always have a pharmacist to blame. nice~ So, I really have to be a damn good communicator that can relay the information in simple yet understandable language to the patient about how to take the medication and what to expect from the medications. Gibberish talk wont help here eventhough hyperkalamiea, hypernatremiae and mystalgia sounds really cool kan. Back to Adam class, when he presents a case or an example, he always left us make our own decision because he said every pharmacist have their own way of judgementing something. There is no right or wrong about how we choose what type of drug or treatment that will suit for the patient, but bear in mind that someone's life is in your hand*asif I needed it la kan* hence, a wise decision is critical here people. That is why I alwiz ask myself the above question in his class. It is really different from other class like Biology or Chemistry or Physics when every question have a really solid answer. Its either A or B, but in his class I really have to THINK wisely before making any decision and I really have to have a real good reason why I decide my decision. Haih!

I really hope one day ill be expert in making decision because making a good decision for myself is real hard, let alone making decision for the others, and I cant turn back now just because i am scared of making decision. Adoi! That is why i am asking if someone can remind me again why i choose pharmacist in the first place because right now I myslef doubt about my decision.haha.

but this doesn't mean that im not excited to become a pharmacist or I dont wanna be a pharmacist. I always have, but I doubt if pharmacist suit me when making a decision for myself already give headache to me.haha.

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