Monday, December 5, 2011

kempunan nak makan chicken chop kampung pandan. period.

2 minggu kempunan.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

saya berharap dengan sangat
semoga semua yang kita rancang akan terlaksana
saya sentiasa berdoa yang terbaik untuk kita
sebab hakikatnya saya dah kekurangan idea dan alasan
untuk menjawab setiap persoalan
orang lain mungkin tak faham rancangan kita
dan saya tak boleh menceritakan setiap perancangan kita pada mereka-mereka
kerana ada hati yang perlu dijaga
ada air muka yang perlu dipertahankan

ouh hati
tabah lah
sebab kau dah lalui banyak perkara
dan aku tahu kau mampu lalui untuk yang ini juga

ouh Tuhan
berikan ketabahan
dan pinjamkan
aku sedikit kekuatan untuk aku hadapi semua ini

sesungguhnya dugaan Mu terlalu hebat
begitu juga nikmat Mu
dan aku akan terus bersabar untuk itu.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

reaching the limit and no one really care.
thats it.
i think i just need to find a reason.
cause no matter what happen to me now,
im on my own.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

miserable life has end. at least for now.

for now,
i am concentrating on celebrating eid with my most beloved family.
so all the work stuff needs to wait until i finish my holiday.
i have been blessed as i have been surrounded with these beautiful and kind people.

  • my family for never walk away from me. who always there through my ups and downs. who accept me for what ever weaknesses i have. who always forgive me for every mistakes i made. who never stop to guide me for same mistakes i done over and over again.
  • my sunshine; Mohd Taufiq Aqmal, for always knows me better than myself. for always there for me. for listening to every stories i have in my daily life. for everything.
  • my friends who feel likes family. even though we are apart now with our own life but the memories and bonding that we have will never be forgotten. i miss u guys where ever you are. i hope that we can hang out together like before. having fun. especially u, RK.
  • my school friends. we never apart really. its been years but when we are together, i feel like im still young like before. u guys never fail to makes me laugh over and over again over the same stories we have.
  • my new friends i met. we feel close though we just met. i feel blessed having u guys. u guys made my work life so fun despite all of the workloads and burden we have.

thanks to all of u for being a part of my life. Alhamdulillah, i have been blessed again and again. Thank you Allah for all of these people.


I am sorry if i make any mistakes, if my words hurting u, if my act annoying u. but trust me i never have any intention to do so. I am sorry.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

feel like i do not want to wake up.
either we can fast forward the time until the next monday
or wake me up the next monday
can i?

life is miserable right now. ergh.

on the other hand,
life would be much better
when i am with my other part
feels like ignoring the other burden
like the world is ours and nothing else matter

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

anyway, the countdown hurts me by day.
i think i do not have life.
most of the time hospital being my second house
this is not what i imagine my life would be

so lame. i know. tell me about it.
but i believe this is only temporary.
it just a matter of time until i figure out how to balance between my life and leisure time.
one day.
it will come.

so just pray hard and give the best.
InsyaAllah everything will be fine as i strongly believe
He didnt plan this for nothing.
As always, He always knows what is the best for me.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I think I am losing it all.

I miss you like so much.
You are one of the most precious thing that happen in my life.
I am lucky and grateful that our path crossed even for a while.
But it does not mean I will forget about you because I promise you that you will always stay close to my heart.
The memories that we had together are the beautiful memories that I wont forget.
One of the best I would say.

I wish you good luck in whatever you do and may He grant every wish that you wishing for.

will always love you.
After so long...

Work has taken almost all of my time until i dont really have any time for anything else even myself. Someone said, that is life. Well, life is good. Never better i would say. Almost everything happen like what i plan except for one thing. Well maybe that one need to wait. There must be some reasons why Allah still do not grant that wish because after all He knows what is best for me right. Its ok, i think i just need to wait and be more patient. Other than that, my life has been great. I have been blessed having a great family and surrounded by people that love and care so much about me. Mak has become my bestfriend ever that i could talk almost about everything to her even though sometime its quite awkward talking about boyfriend to her. My makcik have been a great gossiping partner. My brother have been a great fighting partner. My nieces and nephews never fail to put a smile in my face everytime i see them. Even a call from them makes me happy and smile all day long. Taufiq has been great as he ever did. He always knows me better.

What more could i ask for. Each time life become harder than the usual, they will always there for me and they will never walk away from me. And, that is enough to make me stand still and face the life again.

I have been blessed for having each and everyone of them in my life. Thank you Allah for all them. Could not be more grateful than this. Alhamdulillah.

Ahlan wasahlan ya Ramadhan. Semoga kedatanganmu kali ini menambahkan lagi secebis bekalan untuk di sana nanti.

Thursday, January 20, 2011 members!..

the twins is here!
Thank you Allah for the ni'mat.
the family members is getting big.
I am an auntie to three nieces and two nephews.
Thank you Allah for the happiness.

Puteri Qistina Aleeza & Puteri Qistina Aleesya

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ya Allah,
semoga diberikan ketabahan kepada hati-hati kami
menghadapi ujian dan dan dugaanMu

sesungguhnya hanya Engkau yang tahu setiap perkara
yang terbaek untuk setiap makhlukMu.

semoga dipermudahkan semuanya ya Allah.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

im home!
and near to the love ones.
one word to describe the feeling. GRATEFUL.

alhamdulillah ya Allah atas segala nikmatMu yang tak putus-putus.

and now i am busy to start a new chapter in my life.
semoga dipermudahkan ya Allah.
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