Friday, October 31, 2008


  1. the love letter from HIM is the best love letter ever. It never fails to make me happy even at my worst.
  2. I want the happy ending. He does said, "Oleh itu, setiap kesusahan akan disertai kesenangan. Setiap kesusahan akan disertai kesenangan. Kemudian apabila selesai (daripada sesuatu amalan), maka bersungguh-sungguhlah engkau berusaha. Dan kepada Tuhanmu sahajalah tempat engkau bermohon." (Al- Insyirah, 94: 5-8). He is the best ever.
  3. people come and go, but He will alwiz be there for me.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


walking at the city after the class
enough to make me feel calm
seeing a bunch of people with different style and characteristics
sometime makes me smiling
seeing older couples holding hand
with smile in their face like they are satisfied with their life
makes me wonder if i ever found someone who willing to spend his whole life with me
and grow old together
the scenery in the city is enough to make peace stay in my heart
even just for a while
its enough to make me forget a while about my busy life


Sunday, October 26, 2008


Where did he go?
seeing him online is enough for me
but now,
even seeing him virtually is impossible
lately study is conquering us
and time seem jealous to us

i will try to hide the feeling as much as i can
masking it with smile and laugh
but deep inside misery is the companion

Saturday, October 25, 2008

..the very beginning..

..Dengan Nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Penyayang..

After much of thinking
finally i decided to start blogging
maybe someday i will share it with u
but for now let me keep it for myself
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