Tuesday, September 15, 2009

..i have a great life with great people in it, what could i possibly ask for more?

after so long, let me update what i've been up to lately, alaa basicly enjoying my life with great people in my life.

15th August-16th August,
there were visitors came from jordan and russia, so we as host drive them around adelaide. we went to Morialta park (first time for us too), Gorge Wildlife Park, Mount Lofty, Glenelg, St. Kilda, Port Adelaide and we had kangaroo dishes as dinner at Mekong Thai. here some of the pictures taken during the jalan-jalan.
kangaroo dishes at mekong thai
St. Kilda
Jongkat-jongket ini byk kali memalukan saye. hehe.
Morialta Park with our visitors
This is my first time cuddling koala after 3 years in Australia. Gorge Wildlife Park.
Port Adelaide.

and ouh, i know it might be late, but on 16th August, my sunshine graduated. yeay! congratulations dear. how i wish i was there to celebrate your success too. sob. sob.

congratulations encik :D

then comes ramadhan, i feel more calm, rajin and more motivated in doing things too. i love this month so much because this is the only time i can feel this calm and relax. everything seems so easy. plus we have series of iftar together. by together i mean, with all my great friends in adelaide la kan. we also have our own pre-aidilfitri celebration because most of us are going back for this coming aidilfitri. hehe. siap maen bunga api lagi. since hari kemerdekaan fall into bulan ramadhan, we also have the celebration during this month. we also have our own bazaar ramadhan for the first time in adelaide. mestila seronok kan. my housemates and i also jadi peniaga. we sold roti john, egg tart, dadih, serunding and karipap. alhamdulillah everything were sold out. hehe. so, lets see some of the pictures taken during ramadhan 1430.

Sambutan malam kemerdekaan

iftar at shipster. hehe.

iftar at brompton.

macam retarded kan? :P

Penjual roti john berjaya. Bazaar ramadhan, Barr Smith Lawn, University of Adelaide

Pre-aidilfitri celebration.

kami bakal ahli famasi berjaya. hehe.

shareholders. ok tak cukop 2 org lagi.

roti john in the making!


i have a really great life. im blessed for having this life and all the people in it;my family, my sunshine and all my friends. thank you so very much Allah for these people. All in all saya sayang rakan-rakan saya semua :D. what could i possibly ask for more? hehe.

p/s: looking forward for this coming raya because im going back home after 2 years celebrating aidilfitri without my family. yeay! tidak sabar menunggu. :D :D :D

Thursday, September 3, 2009

..the feeling..

..kenape perlu rase macam itu? rase macam cemburu dengan kehidupan orang laen. again, this feeling is unreasonable. haih. saye sepatutnye gembira atas kegembiraan orang lain kan? Ya Allah ampunkan hambaMu ini kerana mempunyai penyakit hati ini.
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