Monday, May 20, 2013

Its been ages since my last post

Life has been good. really.
blessed to have a loving husband right here by my side through my ups and downs every single day of my life since we tie the knot.
have been through many things for the past 6 months.
has been received and lost.
but you know, I always believe this is the best for me
He is the best planner after all.
I am blessed. I should really remember that. I am blessed.
but maybe being human sometime makes me forget the nikmat that He has granted me.
the lost feeling still haunted me.
the jealousy still there.
the sadness still here.
my feeling is vulnerable.

I should just keep on praying and hoping as He will never let me down. Never.
I am blessed to have every single person in my life.
especially you, husband, who has been become a bigger part of my life
my mom for the endless support
my brothers for easing my life
my family.

Ya Allah semoga keluarga yang kami bina ini sentiasa di bawah rahmatMu. Bimbing kami ya Allah ke jalan yang diredhai Mu.


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